Yours Signage Partners : BJ Art (Singapore) Pte Ltd


BJ Art (S) Pte Ltd is founded Mr Bobby Hay a creative individual. Although located in the east, the company serves a large number of clients around Singapore.


BJ ART is a team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integrated and honest. We will work within our Points of Culture to deliver excellence and reliability in the products and services we offer.

We are in the business of displaying corporate identity and visual messaging solutions. We work passionately with focus to fulfil the exacting needs of our customers, placing them and ourselves in a position of strength with ultimate trust in our respective marketplaces.

We will be helpful and provide advice that can be depended upon. Our products and services will be delivered efficiently and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

It is through responsibility that we accept ownership for everything that we do. It is our actions that dictate outcomes and for these we will be held accountable; enjoying the positives and learning to improve wherever possible. This simple consideration will benefit Signlex and its customers many times over leading to great prosperity for all concerned.

Customers of BJ ART will have a desire to work with us on an ongoing basis because we understand their requirements and apply imagination to each and every situation. Our relationship will be sustainable through drive and the desire to exceed expectations, mutual friendliness and respect for each other.

Company Overview

The Company’s state of the art manufacturing equipment enhances the production of the highest quality approved products to above & beyond the clients’ required standards. BJ Art has some of the most well experienced manufacturers & installers in the industry. If one can imagine, BJ Art can creatively build it in one way or another!

Our installers have a decade of professional experience in the installation of signs from all walks of life.

BJ Art is your one stop shop for all your creative SIGNAGES design requirements.
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